Surrender in Singleness

Praying for the bride

Singleness is a gift. It’s a precious and powerful time to draw near to the One who created you, knows you intimately, and has a beautiful plan for you. In the right timing, He can bring a special person into your life. Let me share a little story…

My sweet friend Lisa just got married to her best friend! I witnessed God’s faithfulness in her story over the past five years from a front row seat! After a painful divorce, she had rededicated purity to the Lord and vowed to wait until marriage. She was fervent in praying for her future husband, a man of God who would also understand and value the Biblical principles of purity. This is not easy to find ladies! Purity isn’t just about waiting until marriage for sex, but fleeing all sexual immorality. Keeping your mind pure and guarding your eye gates from anything that defiles the soul. The spiritual consequences of impurity are vast and this is why God warns against it vehemently in His Word.

Lisa would get impatient from time to time, but she wasn’t willing to settle. She wanted to be equally yoked to a man who would honor her and love as Christ loves the church.

Around this time last year, she began to doubt if God would ever deliver on her long list of desires for a Kingdom partner after being disappointed over and over. She reached out to me and we spent time seeking Jesus in prayer in the midst of her disappointments and frustration. She let go of past hurts, broke ungodly ties, and was lead to repent for putting a timeline on His plan. She asked if we could play the song Oceans and spend time in worship. As we sang the lyrics “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders”, it unlocked an even deeper yearning within to fully surrender, release her plan to Jesus and trust His will regarding a spouse.

5 days later, she met Cesar! They were engaged within 5 months and he is now her husband all within a year!

She did the work in her single season. She drew near to Jesus and allowed Him to heal her heart.

Let this be encouragement to you today if you are still in your single season. Press in. Do the work. Let the Lord refine you and prepare you! He can make anything happen— and do it expediently!

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