Jesus is the ONLY One who can bring Healing to the soul. He is the Healer. He is the Deliverer.

I create space for God's children to receive inner healing and deliverance through Jesus Christ. No other method will bring true healing to your soul. Healing comes by the miraculous touch and powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit. It's time to walk in full freedom and live the abundant life that Jesus paid for on Calvary!

Inner Heart Healing

Inner Heart Healing is a prayer modality that allows the Holy Spirit to reach to the deep pain and trauma stored in your heart/soul. Many times we are triggered and operating out of soul wounds from our childhood or traumatic events earlier in life. These can be wounds of abuse, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, and many more. Until these are healed, they will hinder us from living in freedom and serving Jesus with a whole heart.

Jesus commands us to cast all burdens on Him (1 Peter 5:7). He wants us to release burdens that are weighing us down that we aren't meant to carry. There can be protective barriers built up that keep even Jesus out, but He knows your heart better than you do. Having a trained and anointed facilitator allows Him to go further and deeper to those hidden places that may be hard to get to in your own prayer time. It’s like a maintenance check to ensure everything has been processed and released over to Him. Each session is special because it is all about you and your time with Jesus in the current season you are walking in.

Who is a candidate for Inner Healing? Everyone. We have all been hurt, disappointed, and abused to varying degrees in life. Even non believers can go through Inner Healing. Jesus wants to heal everyone’s heart. He is the Lover of our Souls.

Inner Healing is a major key to freedom and ultimately results in deliverance. Jesus wants His bride healed and whole. 

And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. Matthew 22:37


Deliverance is a technical prayer modality. It is using the authority and word of God to cast out demons associated with sin, trauma, and bloodline curses. You will complete a Personal Spiritual Profile that is a tool throughout the session. The purpose of the form is to help identify doors that have been opened in your sin life and generational bloodline that are hindering you spiritually. 

I'm the facilitator, but Jesus is the Deliverer! The accuser of the brethren holds many things against God’s people. It is my role to stand in the gap and approach the Just Judge on your behalf to plead your case and get the legal rights cleared. I lead you through a technical prayer and curse breaking process. We need to speak things aloud in order to repent, break satanic contracts, soul ties, pull down strongholds, and anything else that God exposes. It also involves the interrogation of demons when the Holy Spirit provokes them to manifestation. Most clients have subtle demonization where they go generally undetected. We are all in a daily spiritual battle, however some people experience more warfare than others based on many factors including their own personal sin or the sins of their ancestors. If there is fear, depression, chronic sickness, stagnancy moving forward in life etc., the root is almost always demonic.

Who is a candidate for Deliverance? It is very important that a person going through deliverance be a Christian surrendered to Jesus. You can not have wide open doors to sin (Luke 11:24-26). We spend time in Deliverance Counseling so you will know how the enemy works and can take hold of your deliverance. Just the like Israelites journey toward the promised land, deliverance is a process. In order for your deliverance process to be the most successful, you will need to be prepared to strengthen your biblical disciplines, resist the enemy, and submit to the Lord (James 4:7-8). Jesus will move mightily for those who hunger and thirst after righteousness.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled Matthew 5:6

If you aren't ready to let your sin or bitterness go (close the doors), you are not ready for deliverance. If you are operating in pride and have not humbled yourself before a Holy God to repent of the things that grieve Him, it will be difficult to receive powerful deliverance. God resists the proud.

If you are still stuck in strongholds and addictions that you desire to pull down and demolish, but haven't been able to on your own, we can discuss if deliverance is a good fit for you in this season. You must be willing to give up anything and everything to follow God's commands.

If you love Me, you will keep My commandments - John 14:15


You may schedule a Prayer Session or Consultation on my calendar here or email with any questions. I look forward to praying with you!