What do you believe?

I am a non-denominational Bible believing Christian. I believe in a relationship with Jesus Christ, not religion. I worship one God who is Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit.

What happens in an Inner Healing and Deliverance session?

Every session is Holy Spirit led and unique to your current spiritual journey. We pray powerful prayers and also spend ample time teaching and coaching so that the mind is renewed which is imperative to maintain deliverance. I specialize in deep inner healing of the dissociative parts of the soul. I create a safe space to have your wounds bound up by the Lord. We also work through curses, generational bloodline issues, ungodly bonds, ungodly beliefs, strongholds, repentance, forgiveness, and more. 

Why do I need a Deliverance Coach?

Hiring a Coach is like hiring a fitness trainer or a business mentor. Coaching helps you move from a place of stagnancy and frustration toward your goals. A coach is someone who provides the information that you need, but you have to be committed to do the work.

As a Deliverance Coach, I provide the tools and knowledge you need to know how to resist the enemy and draw near to the Lord.

My purpose is helping you walk in your identity and authority to access your Kingdom inheritance and the abundant life Jesus came for you to have (John 10:10). I will meet you where you are and help you get in alignment with the word of God and take hold of the victory that is already yours in Christ Jesus!

How do I prepare for ministry?

You will receive a Spiritual Profile to complete once you schedule a Prayer Session. The Pre-Ministry Instructions will be sent to the email that you use to book the appointment. Please watch for my email as it may land in your spam account.

You may schedule a 15 minute Consultation Call prior to your first Session to discuss preparing for ministry if you have questions.

How much should I sow for a session?

The donation page details information on sowing into the ministry. I minister to abuse survivors who need a lot of healing and are unable to sow so I am not taking pro bono clients at this time. The Lord is faithful to provide for this healing journey when you petition. He gives seed to the sower. Trust Him as Jehovah Jireh. He multiplies and blesses every sacrifice.

How many sessions will it take for me to be free?

Our sanctification journey is a life long process and God delivers us little by little (Deuteronomy 7:22-24). We will continue to receive from the Lord our whole life.

During this journey, many begin to sense things breaking off and gaining new levels of freedom very quickly. The length of time spent on healing will depend on many factors including the amount of trauma you have endured in your life.

Inner healing and deliverance will accelerate the healing from the trauma you have endured in the past and help you cope with future trials that come your way. Most clients sign up for several sessions to allow the Lord plenty of time to reveal and heal through this process. We serve a God of order and He knows the order in which He needs to bind up your broken heart.

Will demons speak out of me?

It is by the anointing of the Holy Spirit that the enemy is exposed and driven up into manifestation. There are times that it is necessary to interrogate the enemy. I take authority when this happens and there is never anything to fear as the Lord is always with us and He fights our battles. Every person manifests differently. Some people are prolific manifestation response individuals and some don't manifest at all. There does not have to be a manifestation in order to receive deliverance. 

Do you minister to men?

My ministry is predominantly with women. I minister to boys, teens, and young adult men who are children of clients or referrals to the ministry. I also minister to husbands of my female clients whether in marital sessions together or separately during their freedom journey.

If you are an adult male seeking inner healing + deliverance, I can recommend other male ministers who operate in deep Holy Spirit led inner healing. I have helped many men gain freedom, however I am not taking new male clients at the present time unless led by the Lord.

Where are you located?

I live in Kansas and offer ministry in my home office and via Zoom globally. I have ministered freedom to clients on 5 continents, 11 countries, and over 22 states. God's Spirit is not limited by time or space as He is with you and I right now!